A very popular beach for its healing warm water.
The volcano of Nisyros conserves the existence of the natural warm spas called “Ebros Therma”, approximately 3 km from Agios Fokas.
Due to the high temperature of the water (40° - 47° degrees) and the risen concentration in potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium as well as chlorine and sulphur, they are well known internationally for their healing characteristics.
These natural spas were discovered in 1934 by the Italian archaeologist Luciano Laurenci and since then it had been noticed that they have helped people with arthritis, rheumatics as well as gynaecological problems.
In Agios Fokas there are local buses transport straight from and to Kos town.
Swimming is enjoyable but extra attention is required around children due to the bluff seabed of deep water.