In ancient Kyparissos in Mastihari of Kos island, where according to tradition (and Archaeological Studies) Hippocrates initiated his students in Ancient Mysteries, we have created the cultural center ‘Ancient House – Hippocrates Garden’.
The center ‘Ancient House – Hippocrates Garden’ is an exact replica of an Ancient Greek Settlement of 5th century BC. It specializes in the revival of the ancient Greek way of life at the time when the great Greek doctor lived.
It consists of:
An “Oikes”, an ancient Greek house, an exact replica of a house of this period, a two story stone building. Old tiles are placed on the wooden roof. The handmade furniture are replica’s of ancient ones.
A Philosopher’s Arcade also made according to ancient times. There is a handmade pebble mosaic on the floor, bas relief copies of ancient themes on the walls, a library and replica’s of ancient medical tools that Hippocrates used in his treatments.
A Stone Built Theatre “Dancing Satyr’s Theatre” (seats 100 people), where the Tradition of the Dodecanese Islands and Kos Island.
“Dimitras Museum” with wall paintings from rural life and collection of ancient agricultural tools.
The “Altar” a replica of ancient Greek sanctuary!
Visit the first replica of an ancient Greek settlement!
Daily guided tours at the premises of the cultural centre, seminars, symposiums and Greek nights.

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Guiding, Botany, Philosophy, Environmental Protection, Ceramics, Painting, Mosaic art.

Operating hours 10:00 – 21:00.
During the morning seminars and guided tours is offered ice tea.
Greek nights and symposiums are accompanied by Greek music, wine and snacks.