With a long history dating back to the 19th century the windmill of Antimachia was originally owned and operated by the local priest of the village, father Ioannis Amallos, who did actually restore the windmill after the big earthquake of Kos island in 1933. Since then it has been the center of economic and agricultural activity of the area until the late seventies.

Many years ago, when island life was much simpler and innocent but harder too with fewer facilities and comforts, the local farmers and villagers would come along with their donkeys from all parts of the island unloading wheat and barley for it later become flour and bread to feed their families, never of course forgetting to leave a share for the windmill, the miller and his assistant.

After many years of abandonment the windmill has been completely restored both in terms of the building, the roof and the surrounding area as well as in terms of the wooden mechanism and the impeller that are actually performing the milling process. Specialized local craftsmen and carpenters have been employed on the project making it one of the very few fully operational and productive windmills in Greece.